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Welcome to Happy Veggie Kitchen

Hi, I’m Christine!

I turned vegetarian at the age of 9, but was the butt of several jokes in my family as the “vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables”. And for years, they had a point. But over time, I learned to eat my damn vegetables like a grownup. I just needed to find my own style.

So that’s what this blog is all about. Finding the yummiest possible ways to eat your veggies, legumes and other random healthy stuff that you know you should probably eat more of… even if it isn’t always love at first bite.

I live in South London with my husband, two young children and our calico cat.

Before my daughter was born I worked for many years in media and publishing, and I have now turned this blog into my part time work from home job. I so appreciate each and every one of my readers for giving me this opportunity!

What You’ll Find Here

Accessible but interesting recipes for home cooks. I don’t tend to post the classics, unless I can put a spin on them. But I will not make you work any harder than you have to for a great meal and I have lots of recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less!

Internationally inspired (read: not very authentic) recipes. I love IndianMexican and Asian flavors. These are cuisines that know how to treat their veggies right! But I take advantage of the range of foods available in London and I feel free to break traditions, fuse cuisines, and not do things properly.

Baby & Toddler Recipes. I love to create healthy vegetarian meals and snacks for my toddler and I have a whole hub of recipes and resources for parents of little eaters. While most of my recipes are naturally family friendly, these recipes are designed with the needs of babies and toddlers at the forefront. Think iron rich pasta sauce and fruit sweetened muffins.

Pasta, pasta and more pasta. So much pasta. I just freakin’ love it.

Veggies cooked in extra flavorful ways. Step away from the steamer! You need to be roasting your cauliflower, sauteeing your kale in wine, and turning your sweet potatoes into nachos.

All the Cheese. I do not hold back on the cheese, and I love to elevate simple recipes with a super tasty cheese like cambozola or goat cheese. I also have quite the collection of halloumi recipes.


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